Editorial Words are Tools – Article Example

The paper "Editorial-Words are Tools" is a perfect example of an article on English.  Every individual, group, religious organization, and philosophical viewpoints all focus on questions like why are we here and are we truly possessors of free will. However, while this topic is debated heatedly no absolutes or universal solutions can be proven. In the most basic scientific definition of the “purpose of life” could be as simple as the instinct to survive and continue ones’ genetics into future generations. This answers the action but not the reasons behind it. The author of the article, “Editorial-Words are Tools,” by R.E. Spier, discusses these questions and ideas. In the case of human beings we wonder why we are as advanced as we are and what does that have to do with “purpose” of life. Tools explain the author, and the ability to adapt and use them is what is essential in the forward moving goals of our species. He suggests that despite our dependence on outside tools, like hammers and chisels, as well as, all of our modern devices, like cell phone and I pads, we, also, had the greatest of all tools (2004). Words, our ability to use them, and the power they possess have been essential in the development of humanity (Spier, 2004). Words can be very powerful; they can breed great change and cause great harm. People today do not think hard enough about how they use that tool. We hold so tightly to the idea of “freedom of speech” that we believe that we can say whatever we like regardless of the harm, offense, and negativity it may produce. Words are a tool that we take advantage of and do not respect; At least not in today’s society. It is words that allow us to openly share and discuss this topic and debate the topic of purpose, the use of tools, and the misuse of words. Words are so much more important that people really realize.