Work, Leisure and Technology in Human Work by John Paul II Pope – Article Example

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The paper "Work, Leisure and Technology in Human Work by John Paul II Pope " is a wonderful example of an article on sociology. The Pope’ s outlook, in his Encyclical Letter On Human Work, reflects the interrelationship between making a living and making a life, as work only demonstrates a sense of practical judgment when it makes a direct influence on the person. Its significant impact largely depends on the person’ s perception of work, where it is highly considered to be valuable on his human existence. From a sociological perspective, the Pope’ s views on work imply an idealistic approach, wherein appropriate options in relation to this matter must be presented in order to fully realize its practicability in the present system of society.

As an opinion, the concept of work should also reflect fulfillment on the person, such that a worker is able to make significant contributions for the welfare of the society. As viewed from another example, however, Smith noted that a feminists’ perspective on the Pope’ s perception on work suggests the crucial role of women particularly in promoting world peace, since women are endowed with the capacity to understand the inherent the nature of human dignity, and are mainly responsible for shaping the morale of future generations in recognizing their dignity.

It is also imperative to note that the presence of women is rapidly accelerating in most of the social, economic, and political aspects in the local and global landscapes. Smith further noted that the Pope’ s acknowledgment on the growing presence of women in society indicates a positive development, which gives women the absolute right to have active involvement in society, although this right should not lessen her commitment as a mother and wife in a family.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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