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IntroductionDisability has become a very common occurrence in the twenty first century. It may be caused by various factors. Some of them may include accidents at work or even road accidents. This paper is dealing with an experience of disability. It further identifies international, national, and state organizations that deal with the disability. This paper also shows the body functions and structures that have been affected by the disability. There are also participation restrictions and activity limitations that were experienced due to the disability. (David, 2004)Personal profileI am fifty two years old and live in a remote town called Susanville.

I was diagnosed with spinal injury, that is, paraplegia. This occurred after I had a road accident that affected by back. This has also made me quite unable to lead my normal life since I cannot do most of the daily activities by myself. OrganizationsThere are various international, national, state and local organizations that deal with spinal injury related disabilities. One of the international organizations that deal with disabled people is called Disabled People’s International. This organization deals with people who are disabled that are found all over the world.

It is concerned with various aspects like helping disabled people get employment. This organization also helps disabled people get equipment that can help them carry on with their daily activities. There is also the National Spinal Cord Injury Association. This organization is found in United Sates and only deals with people who have spinal cord injuries that are found in United States. This organization gives education to people with spinal cord injuries. This is also concerned with how the patients can avoid further injuries.

This organization also gives moral support to people with spinal cord injury. At the state level, there is the Backup Trust organization. This organization mainly deals with people who have spinal injuries in the state. It helps in identifying people who have spinal cord injuries. These organizations enables people with such injuries meet and discuss their daily challenges and how they can overcome them. There is also a local based organization that deals with people with spinal cord injuries. It is known as Spinal Research Association. This organization helps in mobilizing the community to help people that have spinal cord injuries.

This organization helps in identifying the disable people and recommends them to international organizations that deal with the same issue. (Frank, 2006)Effects of paraplegia Paraplegia has got various effects on a person’s body. This condition has also affected me as an individual in various ways. One aspect is that I can no longer walk. This is due to the fact that my feet were affected by the spinal cord injury. In fact they do not have mobility at all. Another effect has been the fact they lost feeling.

This means that I cannot feel any high or any low or even normal temperature. They also do not feel any pain. This means that putting my feet near a hot object, I would just get burnt since there is no sense of touch and pain.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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