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Why the organization wants to implement quality management systemDubai electricity and water Authority has been in pursuance for excellence during its time of formation. The organization intends to be effective in the Dubai Emirates (DEWA, 2012). Adopting quality management practices will ensure effectiveness in the organization. This is mainly based on the goals and objectives of the organization. Quality management systems will be quite helpful in terms of identifying the goals and objectives of the organization. The system will be important in ensuring that the objectives of the organization are achieved.

Quality management is basically about an organization achieving its goals and objectives. It will be required that the goals and objectives be set then monitored and evaluated according to the results achieved. Through this method DEWA is be able to be effective in its operations. Customer satisfaction is the main objective in any business enterprise. This is mainly because no business will be able to operate when the customers are not satisfied. Unhappy customers will always leave and find other enterprises that will satisfy them. Due to the ever increasing demand for electricity and water, the organization has to cope with all their demands.

This therefore means that al the customers have to be satisfied with the services of the organization. In order to fully satisfy the customers the organization had to adapt to a system that will ensure all the needs of the customers are addressed. The only means of doing this was thus through quality management. This is mainly because the system addresses adequately the issues of customer satisfaction. A quality management practices encourage feedback from the customers regarding the complaints or any comments from the customers.

The organization is also supposed to form a compliance department to deal with the customers complains. The quality management system thus provides a framework for customer satisfaction which is the core function of the organization (Varley, 2004). In the water and electricity department, it is a requirement to observe a high standard of compliance in terms of standards and regulations. Most of the organizations in the sector find it difficult and quite challenging to adapt to the laid out standards and regulations.

This is quite dangerous in terms of offering quality water to the public. Due to government regulations some rules which are quite difficult and challenging to adopt. This may be due to their costs or the requirements. Such regulations are however god for the sector. Adoption of quality management system emphasizes that the organization comply with al the regulations in the sector. As a result of this the company decided to adopt to quality management system so as to comply with al the regulations in the sector. Quality management system enables the organization to develop a plan of how the regulations will be adopted by the organization.

Compliance with all the regulations will ensure that the company is trusted by the customers and it is fully compliant with the regulations in the sector (Rose, 2005). The relationship between the employees and the administration was initially not good enough. This is mainly because the employees did not know the exact goals and objectives of the company. The employees also did no know the performance of the organization and the steps the organization was taking to improve their welfare and performance.

This lack of communication between the employees resulted to mistrust which was affecting the performance of the organization. To solve this problem, the company decided to adopt quality management practices after a wide consultation. Quality management systems require that there must be good communication between the employees and the management. This means that the management has to inform the employees of the goals and objectives the company intends to accomplish and their roles in achieving it. This therefore prevents unnecessary tension between the management and the employees.

For this reason the company therefore decided to adopt quality management system in order to improve its relationship with the employees who play a major role in the operations of the company. The tension between the administration and the employees was also spilling over to the customers thus affecting the image of the company together with the services provided (Mukherjee, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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