Details of F.B.I.'s Kavanaugh Inquiry Show Its Restricted Range by Shear, Stolberg, Haberman, & Schmidt – Article Example

The paper "Details of F.B.I.'s Kavanaugh Inquiry Show Its Restricted Range by Shear, Stolberg, Haberman, & Schmidt" is a delightful example of an article on politics. The article captures one of the controversial issues happening in the USA. Specifically, it discusses Kavanaugh a judge accused of sexual misconduct. The revelation from the FBI inquiry indicates the range of the restriction of the case. Owing to the directives of president Trump, the president indicated that the FBI was free to investigate the judge; however, the case took a twist as emerging contours indicate that the case has limited scope. The idea is to find credible evidence labeled against the judge to proceed with the prosecution. The case kick-started by having four witnesses who were to provide more insights into the behavior of Judge Kavanaugh in connection with the accusation. However, two who were familiar with the case were his former classmate who provided contradicting testimony that was contradicted the testimony provided by Judge Kavanaugh congressional statement.  The New York Times further details the revelation of witnesses of the cases that include Leland Keyser a high school friend who had attended the party but was not aware of any form of assault. The request by the white house to have the FBI provides its finding shows how the case has taken a serious turn because of the nature of the judge and status in the court. Trump will decide when to reviews the interview and findings if ht case can be further be investigated (Shear, et al., 2018). Different people are involved in the case as they are expected to help the bureau in creating investigations based on the allegation made by MS. Swetnick, Dr. Blasey, and Deborah Ramirez.  Notably, the incident is said to have happened during entry to Yale University as a freshman and she alleges that Judge Kavanaugh approached her exposing himself. According to the response from the FBI, Ms. Ramirez was willing to cooperate and provide any information that would further help the case.  FBI is receiving a boost as Donald McGahn II who is President Trump’s adviser will help in providing scope to the case and help in the background check. The interests of the White House are based on the need to solve the matter. Additionally, senators, Senate Republicans and have provided extensive support, for example, Senator Jeff Flake and Susan Collins want FBI to question  Judge Kavanaugh (Shear, et al., 2018). The common revelation from the witness list shows how Judge Kavanaugh used to drink a lot of beer. In other cases, others interviewed said that the judge would drink beyond the considerable amount of beer. Lynne who was a roommate with Ms. Ramirez noted that she was a classmate of the accused and often drunk beer. She said, “grossly misrepresented and mischaracterized his drinking” (Shear, et al., 2018). The case also shows political reactions, for example, Trump silence on the cases indicate the anger the Republicans have on the Democrat's treatment on the case of Judge Kavanaugh. I feel the matter requires sobriety. The intention of investigation Judge Kavanaugh is based on the status judge’s show. Ideally, judges are expected to promote responsible citizenry; however, previous actions may interfere with his work. It is important that the case is concluded, and if Judge Kavanaugh is guilt, then it will be a product that he reassigns to help save the image of the judiciary and public confidence. Public opinion about judges would be tainted. I think the grilling of a judge before being employed should be conducted to avoid such instances.