Cronin – Article Example

Cronin The article, ‘Undertaking a literature review: a step-by-step approach,’ as was ed by Cronin, Ryan and Coughlan, explains the process ofcompleting a literature review. The article is about reviewing literature on a topic. The authors’ three main points are the types of literature reviews, the process of completing a literature review and sections of a literature review. The first point identifies four types of literature reviews, “traditional or narrative literature review,” “systematic literature review,” “Meta analysis,” and “Meta synthesis” (Cronin, Ryan and Coughlan, 2008, p. 38, 39). The next main point is the review process that begins with determination of the topic to be explored. The topic should however be refined to a specific line and should have sufficient literature for review. A search of literature, using key terms, then follows before analysis and conceptualization of the selected materials. The literature review process then ends with documentation of the findings that should follow a systematic lay out. The last important point is the proposed structure for writing literature reviews and the authors identify four sections, introduction, the review’s body, conclusion, and references, which should be consecutively ordered. The authors conclude by identifying the significance of literature review in facilitating development of research questions, contributing to knowledge in a topic, and establishing a basis for formulating research methods. The authors’ conclusion also notes that the types of literature reviews are differently applicable depending on scope and objective of a particular research. Further, writing literature reviews is skill to be acquired and nurtured (Cronin, Ryan and Coughlan, 2008).
Cronin, P., Ryan, F. and Coughlan, , N. (2008). Undertaking a literature review: A set by step approach. British Journal of Nursing (17.1), 38- 43.