Have We Solved Too Big to Fail by Andrew Haldane – Article Example

The paper "Have We Solved Too Big to Fail by Andrew Haldane" is an excellent example of an article review on macro and microeconomics.
The article talks about how financial markets have not learned from the economic recession of 2008. The main thesis of the article is that more reforms are required in order to overcome issues that caused the economic crisis of 2008.
The author discusses reform efforts that the world has taken in order to solve the ‘too big to fail’ phenomenon. These reform efforts are discussed and the author argues that these efforts are not nearly enough to avert a future financial crisis.
The article is written with an expert tone and is not intended for the general public. The author has not explained reforms in detail. The article also includes proposed reforms and criticism of those reforms. In this way, the author has informed the audiences regarding both sides of view. This is a positive feature of the article as the author has tried to eliminate bias from the article.
Another good feature of the article is that it is well referenced. The author has used a number of references to reinforce his main thesis. Use of a variety of sources has given creditability to the article. The author has also used credible references and journal articles to support his point of view.
The overall structure of the article is also coherent and the author has tried to present different points of view in a systematic pattern. This also makes the reading of the article easy for the audience and all relevant issues are discussed in the introduction. The article also includes a concise conclusion which is another good feature of the article.