Could Vitamin D Make Childbirth Less Painful – Article Example

The paper "Could Vitamin D Make Childbirth Less Painful?" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences&medicine. The article “Could Vitamin D Make Childbirth Less Painful?” was published on 14th October 2014 by Robert Preidt. Preidt wrote the article with the intention of informing the public on the essence of vitamin D to people (Preidt 1). However, the main reason for the publishing of the news was to inform the public on how low vitamin D levels in the body could lead to more pain when giving birth. The whole news provided detailed information on why pregnant women need vitamin D so as to reduce labor pains. This topic of the news is very important to the public health because it aids significantly in solving the common problem in the healthcare system. Additionally, the news created awareness in the public, and as a result, it is believed to have led to women including vitamin D in their diet. Reading this article was very interesting; through it, I learned something new in my life. I used to know that deficiency of vitamin D only contributed to the occurrence of rickets among young children. Thus, in reading the article I learned that deficiency of vitamin D in expectant women can result in more pain when giving birth (Preidt 1). Additionally, the article made me understand why there is variation in terms of medication among pregnant women; I learned that women who take mare pain medications have low vitamin D.  In conclusion, vitamin D is very important to pregnant women. Women having high volumes of it experience less pain when giving birth. Vitamin D determines the level of pain medication given to women giving birth. It is recommendable for preventable measures as well as treatment of vitamin D levels to be carried on women giving birth so as to reduce labor pains.