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Case Study With Health Ethics in case of an Asthma Patient In APA StyleAuthor: University: AbstractThis is the case study of a female asthma patient admitted to emergency ward with tachypnoea and shortness of breath due to acute asthma attack. The treatment given to her taking into consideration the health ethics is mentioned in the paper according to her condition and improvement. The course of treatment, the drugs and IV fluids administered and the decisions the team took in the course of treatment are presented in an analytical manner that explains an ethical based treatment that brings a patient from emergency ward condition to a healthy and normal situation.

Patient RightsWhile considering the treatment to any patient Health Ethics play a major role in treating the patient properly and with minimum suffocation. The diagnosis should be accurate to give e relevant medicines and diet. While treating this patient to relieve her from asthma and tachypnoea related problems, the toxins and waste products emitted by bacteria and the examination their effect on asthma patient is necessary. Considering health ethics, bringing her to hospital in ambulance reduces initial stress during acute asthma attack.

The paramedical staff should understand the severity of asthma and should warrant ambulance paramedic assistances. The staff should pre-empt complications as the patient is suffering with acute asthma attack. As the Asthma is a form of allergy, the prescription chart needs the enquiry of adverse reactions if any. As the patient is using Cromlyn Sodium and Ventolin at home, that usage should be noted in the prescription chart as a reference that is helpful in prescribing medicines in the course of treatment.

The patient is suffering with shortness in breathing and tachypnoea. Keeping in view this problem, the paramedical staff should be ready with oxygen supply and other emergency equipment. As mentioned earlier, asthma is a type of allergy; the drug reactions after 30 minutes of injecting the drugs should guide nursing observations. The breath sounds; both inspiratory and expiratory are less, the anaphylaxis nature of the airway obstruction need to be examined. Treatment and Diagnosis2.1. Culture and Background: The culture and background of the patient is important to diagnose and treat a patient suffering with acute Asthma.

The aspects like the work environment and the place he lives is utmost important while starting to treat an asthma patient. In some geographical locations like Merrimack valley (Northwest of Boston) American Lung Association in 2001 observed that the pediatric asthma is in epidemic proportions between Cambodians but not in other communities. The work place environment of the patient may also result in acute asthma suffering. This finding suggests enquiring about culture and background of the patient in case of critical treatment.

For example, in this case, the patient has doses of ventolin at home and it may show no effect in hospital if administered before other treatment. 2.2 Accessory Muscle Use: Along with accessory muscle use, the patient is emitting small amounts of white sputum despite use of ventolin and Cromolyn Sodium at home. This demands initiation of oxygen at approximately 2 liters/minute to reduce the suffocation in breathing and to increase RR from 40 to normal. This reduces even heart rate and thus helps in reducing accessory muscle use.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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