How Community Ecology Can Improve Our Understanding of Cholera Dynamics – Article Example

The paper "How Community Ecology Can Improve Our Understanding of Cholera Dynamics" is an exceptional example of an article on environmental studies.
The article discusses cholera and how community ecology can help understand the bacterial disease. Cholera is caused by pathogenic bacteria known as Vibrio cholera and it causes thousands of deaths each year. The bacteria enter the human body through contaminated food as well as water. Vibrio cholera is found in the aquatic environment such as in lakes, rivers and even oceans and hence is globally distributed. It is however still unknown about the interaction between microbial community on the Vibrio cholera or their role when they interact with each other. With the bioinformatics and technology now present, scientists are looking into research to fill the gap in the community ecology concerning the issue and detailed description of microbial communities (De Magny, Hasan, and Roche, 2014).
State how this article is related to community ecology
The article aims to bring into attention the fact that people constantly interact with the environment that is the breeding grounds or habitat of the bacteria and viruses and hence increasing their chances of getting them in their body. What this means is that human beings should be very careful about how they use the water in the aquatic environment in order to reduce the chances of them getting the diseases and infections.
A critique of the way the science is treated in the article: does the author present the science correctly?
The role of science in the community ecology and the Vibrio cholera, as well as other bacteria and viruses, is underplayed. Science is only mentioned in the issue of research and nothing else major even though scientific terms have been used in the whole article. Science should be more integrated since the topic involves deeply a scientific field.