CDRJ #4 – Article Example

Human Is From the reading ‘Human Is’ by Dick, I get to understand more of the essence of being human. The real meaning ofbeing human is not about appearance, social status or background. However, human is all about kindness for oneself and fellow human beings (Dick, 1955). The quality of kindness that people portray makes them standout from other living and non living worldly life forms. For example, initially Lester is a mean character who only prioritizes his career and scientific ambitions at the expense of his own family. However, after the Rector IV trip, Lester comes home a new being, very kind, romantic and full of life. Jill appreciates this fact and loves the way Lester is acting. From the reading, I get to understand how kindness is a fundamental part of human life. For instance, Jill decides to forget about her mean husband to whom they have been married for many years and commence a new life with ‘new Lester’ from Rector IV.
Dick via the reading is able to make us understand the essence of kindness in a human being’s life in varied ways. For instance, Jill ultimately denies testifying in court against the self proclaimed Lester Herrick from Rector IV (Dick, 1955). The latter comes in the wake of her realization of how the new being from Rector IV is full of kindness, love and joy. She decides to spend the rest of her life with the new being proclaimed as Lester because for once in all her marriage years she felt loved and appreciated (Dick, 1955). Dick manages to show us how kindness goes along way to define human kind and distinguishes him from other beings.
Dick , K. P.. Human Is. Startling Stories.