The Alchemist's Dream by Wilson – Article Example

The paper "The Alchemist's Dream by Wilson" is an outstanding example of a literature article review.
The plan or rather proposition in this article is the idea of formation of a partnership between Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and the Octel Associates. This was in order to expand the production of leaded fuel from gasoline. Octel was a dominant organization that was stable financially and it also produced bromine easily a product that Great Chemical Lakes Corporation valued highly due to its effectiveness in the lead industry (Wilson, 2007). This would make the lead industry to easily expand and penetrate into the developing countries as they will be having enough capital for the operation.
Question two
The verdict on the proposition of the writer
The idea of the writer from the article is not at all good. This is because the idea was dangerous enough to be banned from developed countries due to the hazards that are associated with leaded fuels. The idea is driven into the developing countries because most of the occupants there do not know the side effects of the leaded fuel and the main reason why they embrace the leaded fuel is that it is affordable even to the low-income earners. Economists always argue that cheap is always expensive and is clear from the dangerous side effects of the leaded fuel such as brain damage in children and severe pollution of the environment (Wilson, 2007). This shows how the powerful states use the weak ones for their own gain and this is not fair both socially and economically.
Question three
Presupposition in the article
Presuppositions are always used as assumptions in articles but in relation to what really happened at one point. In this case, one of the developed countries such as Japan banned the use of leaded gasoline (Wilson, 2007). This means that at one point the leaded fuel was used in the state of Japan but by the time they realized it lethal side effects the state in conjunction with prominent scientists implemented a perfect alternative. This was in order to avoid long-term effects that would cause health traumas and environmental degradation which would eventually lead to the decline of economic growth and development.