Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20 Percent Stake – Article Example

The paper "Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20 Percent Stake" is a good example of a marketing article review.
I chose the article “Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20% Stake” because it addresses strategy and marketing issues. In chapter 2, we discussed how leadership can affect the marketing and strategy for a Company as is the case for Best Buy. The article talks about the resigning of the Founder and biggest shareholder of Best Buy, Richard Schulze. Richard Schulze 20% stake is still unknown as he contemplates on how to explore his fortune. The chairman’s move to part ways with the Company is not a surprise but the timing was unfortunate. Richard Schulze resigns at a time when Best Buy shares are taking a whack at the market. Schulze was under heat for failing to report the former CEO, Brian Dunn inappropriate relationship with a female employee. Best Buy announced that Hatim Tyabji will be the acting chairman with immediate effect. Schulze urged Best Buy to connect with its customers in an effort to reinvigorate growth (Solman and Russolillo). I choose this article because the exit of the founder of Best Buy will have a huge impact on the Company. The Company will have to come up with a new strategy for the next couple of years. This is addressed in page xx of our book (Peter and Donnelly).
In my opinion, the article should have addressed the amount at stake as opposed to the percentage. This gives the audience a better visual impression of what is at stake for Best Buy. The article should also have addressed the low and high points of the Company when Schulze was the man at the helm. This would give the audience an idea of what Best Buy will lose or gain after Schulze has resigned. The article did address what Best Buy is doing in the meantime and should restore some confidence in the investors.