Inventing University by David Bartholome – Article Example

The paper "Inventing University by David Bartholome" is a perfect example of an article review on English.
In the article Inventing University, David Bartholome articulates the issues that individuals encounter upon entering the university as writers. Throughout the essay, he mentions varied situations in which people make efforts to write for their audience. He gives the example of student writing a placement examination. He points out the shortcomings in diction and as such though the essay is good, it is not realistic. He gives examples of authentic essays. His objective is not to criticize writing but to show how the paper falls below expectations when it lacks authenticity. It has an unrealistic impact on the readers. What you write is important but how you write, what you write is more important! Bartholome argues that is possible to write good papers on topics on which the writer has no expertise with research, authority and strategy.
He strengthens his arguments by giving specimens of example essays and explains the approach to write them. He uses a personal tone by, using words like “our” and “we.” He continues to write in the tone of a fellow teacher by referring to his students. He also makes an effort to teach teachers how to teach as they have the direct responsibility to improve the writing skills of the students. He emphasizes that the writer must write without fear or favor by exercising authority on the audience. It is necessary for the writer to stay in the familiar territory without hopping from one idea to another or by writing redundantly. He explains the techniques for academic discourse. Bartholome is quite confident about his superior writing abilities and shows his willingness to pass on his expertise for the benefit of students and teachers. Though the author moves back and forth in the article to state and reiterates his ideas on good writing, he is seriously concerned about tendering advice to the students for their endeavor in Inventing the University.