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New ZealandNew Zealand is an island located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. The country is located approximately 1500 kilometers from Australia. The country’s topography has contributed very much on volcanic eruptions, due to it sharp peak mountain and the fact that it is surrounded by waters. The geographical location of New Zealand has profoundly influenced the cultural characteristics that its people have adapted. The country is surrounded by oceans and seas. This has resulted in the adaptation of coastal cultures ranging from the arts to the dressing. It is also evident that their religion is largely Islam which is a coastal influence.

Also, due to the fact that they are surrounded by oceans, New Zealand people are known to practice the trade. This is hugely related to the fact that they ship all the trading products via the sea. New Zealand consist two main islands and a couple of smaller which are located at the centre of water hemisphere. Some of the islands in New Zealand are such as; Chatham Island, Orville Island, the Great Barrier Island and Stewart island. Generally, the geographical surrounding of New Zealand has significantly influenced the culture of its people.

Culture refers to the pattern that is practiced by individuals over and over again. It is transferred from generation to generations, and it eventually becomes their way of life. Culture is manifested through a people’s language, customs, literature, religion, art and costumes. However, its history reveals the role they played in their struggle for independence during colonization in the 15th century. Immigration, genocide and rivalry between powerful nations is the impacts that describe the history of this island.

New Zealand is characterized by a fusion of cultures that resulted after the interaction of the practices between people from the Far East and those from the Middle East. This is mainly influenced by the fact that the country is located centrally along the trading routes. Their cultures also comprises of both some indigenous cultural practices and Western cultural practices (Pacione 64). The majority of New Zealand’s population consists of European descents, who are Maori, non Maori Polynesians and Asians. New Zealand citizens speak English, although sign language is very common and is made an official language.

In terms of religion, New Zealand has a variety of religions arising from the fusion of people from the Far East and those from the Middle East. Their religion comprises of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. However, the most practiced religion is the Islam (Peters 53). This has affected their cultural beliefs such that those that practice Islam do not rear pigs. This cultural practice is influenced by their Islamic beliefs. Socially, New Zealand has had social stratifications for many years. Stratified chiefdoms and kingdoms were spread all over the islands.

The ruling class gained wealth, and their children were educated in the best schools. However, not all the communities were stratified. Some had egalitarian political system whereby they ensured that there was some freedom from the clan system enhancing individuality.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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