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28th July, 2009Cross-cultural CommunicationOverviewOne of the well known anthropologists, Edward Hall says that the influence of culture on the communication is too strong and he quoted it as “culture is communication and communication is culture”. The invisible source of misunderstanding of the people is the main difference in cultural values and perceptions (Dutta, 2008). And the present world of globalization market found that there is a free flow of human resources across the geographical limitations and the dissimilar cultures, so it has become essential to understand the significance of interpersonal communication practice.

Besides these fundamentals the current paper is focused to the discussion of different issues and challenges in the cross- cultural communication. IntroductionIn simple term the ‘culture’ can be defined as the life- style of people in a community. In broad way the culture include various attitudinal and behavioral dimensions like values, faith, expectations, norms, etc. However, all these aspects make the culture a composite thing to recognize and have drawn the concentration of researchers to learn about various magnitudes and its impact on the people who are living in the particular community or the society (Hayes, 2002).

Within the culture, however, there may be different subcultures on the basis of the ethnic groups, profession and religious group. But, some studies about the behavioral aspects say that the all the people who belongs to a particular community are thinking and behaving in a similar way irrespective of their sex. Hence, the culture also various from one group to another and ultimately this difference will affect to their trust in the communication process that one is trying to achieve with the people of other culture.

Therefore the perfect understanding about the cross-cultural communication is very important. Present free world situation requires the cross-cultural communication and the people want to traveling one place to another freely for their business assignments or for their entertainment activity. Hence it necessitates understanding others culture and the primary aspect of the cross-cultural communication aims at, how the people from the different culture could communicate each other and how they understand their problems each other. Let us see an instance that how the culture disparity affect the trust level and the open communication.

An American and a Chinese were visit the observance, where their friends had been buried. Meanwhile the Americans are crying to put a beautiful bunch of flowers on his friend’s grave. But the Chinese were crying to put a bowel of cooked rice and some fruits. However the Americans stated that one world leave the food at a grave. So he is asking with the Chinese that, do u think that your dead friend will come and eat food that you put down at the grave.

In response to this question, he said of course my friend will come and eat the food around the time your time friend comes out to smell the flowers that you are leaving for him. Though it is a friendly nature between each other and it is the situation where the American fined difficulty to understand the Chinese custom. Of course the cultural differentiation did not threaten to their friendship. Therefore one’s culture may be a main hunk to the international communication.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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