Advancements in Operational Management – Article Example

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The paper "Advancements in Operational Management " is a perfect example of an article on management. In today’ s fast-paced environment it is critical for managers to stay in tune with current trends in operations and learn from what others are doing to stay competitive. Doing this can propel businesses ahead of their competitors and ensure that they remain solvent where others may fail. Areas, where one can observe significant progress, are technology and advancements in equipment and products that support the business. For the car wash industry, these areas will benefit the business if business owners recognize the opportunities and act upon them swiftly.

In order to create a presence and maintain competitiveness, many carwash owners have opened multiple locations rather than focusing on just one (Belanger). This practice has created a need for advanced technology to support the management and oversight of the operations. According to Jim Belanger in his article, “ New Way to Operate Top Trends in 2010” , owners will need to take advantage of available technology that delivers “ real-time operational data” (Belanger). Use of web-based technology to capture operational information from multiple locations and generate alarms and notifications when events occur can assist business owners with effective management.

Belanger states that “ early adopters will enjoy a competitive advantage” (Belanger). All businesses should embrace the idea of creating a network that supports a virtual enterprise and allows real-time product planning in response to changing business needs. In addition, car wash owners can stay abreast of new products and equipment that supports their business to ensure that they are using the most effective resources available. Use of state-of-the-art equipment designed to enhance efficiency will allow owners to effectively manage their operations and reduce costs (Belanger).

Awareness and use of new technology, equipment, and products provide an advantage that supports business success.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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