How to Build and Lead Successful Online Communities by Nic Laycock – Article Example

The paper "How to Build and Lead Successful Online Communities by Nic Laycock" is a delightful example of an article on e-commerce. Nic Laycock, in his article regarding virtual communities and social networking services, titled “How to Build and Lead Successful Online Communities: Getting Started with an Online Community”, talks about what steps are necessary to bring an online social network or virtual community into practice. This mini-paper summarizes Laycock’s article. Laycock has listed myriad steps that ensure the success of virtual communities. The most important step is to recognize the purpose of the online community. Why a social network is to be developed is important for the creators to address a specific kind of audience. A clear understanding of the milestone of the virtual community makes leadership easier. The leader must be able to launch the community at the right time, with the ability to explain all technicalities whenever required. He must know where the community stands in the online world; what the number of users is; and, how to attract more members. Laycock ends his article by saying that building and running an online community is fun, and requires proper planning. This article may not be very useful for virtual community users, but it is very beneficial for those who intend to build a virtual community because it is a quick guide to a few very important pre-requisites. To conclude, Laycock’s article mentions how a virtual community is built and run properly. It emphasizes the layout of milestones and objectives of the community, as well as proper planning and management. The article is helpful for future virtual community builders.