Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse by Paludi and Denmark – Article Example

The paper "Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse by Paludi and Denmark" is an outstanding example of an article on social science. The overwhelming number of sexual assault cases in the world has attracted the international community’s attention prompting immediate action. In this respect, a lot of research has been carried out to establish appropriate measures to curb this social menace. The most preferable mechanism of handling this issue effectively is through a participatory method in which everybody in the society is brought on board (Paludi & Denmark, 53-6). One of the outstanding programmes to this effect is “Bringing in the Bystander”. This measure is relatively efficacious with the intercollegiate athletes due to their inherent vulnerability to such a circumstance. This programme is more practical since it involves the participation of all the members of the society in discussing and exploring all the concepts surrounding sexual assault. It is more effective because through participation people get a head start on various approaches of reacting to such a situation. This programme assigns a sense of responsibility to the people and facilitates awareness creation within the community. The college students are at the prime of their sexual life and are the best target group to use for implementing this programme. This programme will make more sense to the students since it is a healthy approach to solve the balance between time-by-group and time-by-sex (Paludi & Denmark, 57-9). Communal obligation towards sexual assault is likely to make more sense by giving people practical examples through carrying out experiments using two groups of the sample and exhaustively covering all the real-life circumstances associated with this vice. It is worth to underscore the significance of introducing this programme as a college cultural policy as this will increase the rate of health promotion in this social problem.