Instant Insight by Alan Joch – Article Example

The paper "Instant Insight by Alan Joch" is a great example of a business article review. The main idea that the author, Alan Joch, is trying to communicate is that the superior business intelligence technology equips business organizations with appropriate competitive advantage in the global market. For instance, bookstore chains compete effectively in the market because of applications of business intelligence in the determination of demand for new literary titles.  The three major points that the author illustrates in the article are; meaning of business intelligence, benefits of business intelligence, and application of the internet in business intelligence. Business intelligence entails business intelligence is an information system that enables organizations makes business decisions effectively and efficiently. The key benefit of business intelligence entails giving the organization a competitive advantage in the market; for example, during the development of cutting-edge production technology. The internet is an important tool applied in business intelligence. This is because the internet is greatly used for global market research. The article topics integrate effectively with the text information. The Changing Nature of BI illustrates that BI systems are continuously being reviewed by organizations. This explains the changing functions of BI from strategic aid to an approach for making daily decisions. The daily decisions made are in the areas of daily financial transactions, updates of employee records, monitoring production processes, and analyzing sales trends.  Some faulty opinions are illustrated in the article. The author explains that BI provides analysts with the most recent data and not information from the older databases. The opinion is generally untrue. This is because business managers are interested in certain past business information; for example, sales trends and company history. There are two new terms explained in the article. The terms are; legacy data and Oracle9i. Oracle 9i involves a database with a BI system that enables effective analysis to take place. Legacy data entails information generated from the mainframes; for instance customer history data.