Ambitious New Strategies Proposed For AIDS Vaccine Research – Article Example

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The paper "Ambitious New Strategies Proposed For AIDS Vaccine Research" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences& medicine. The book seeks to look at the disaster of AIDS on the human population.   It focuses on the effects on the woman. The view needs to be broadened. The focus should be on society. This would include both men and women. There is a necessary bondOverview The publication seeks to address the matter almost in a vacuum.   It speaks about the Aids epidemic and likens it to other diseases. It seems as though it does not recognize that the other diseases mentioned are somewhat independent of behavior.

The AIDS disaster has a direct relationship to morals or norms of society.   Every effort must be made to be dealing with the root cause and not the consequences of the conduct. The legal  and Educational framework  The first function of the state is to protect its citizens from danger.   The dangers are classified into two.   First is the reality of external or foreign threats. The next is that of domestic or internal threats. The government did this in the past by two methods.   First was the law.

Then there was the education of the citizenry. In the past, the law recognized sodomy and prostitution to be undesirable.   There were therefore restrictions.   The process of quarantine was to protect the infected from vengeance.   It also protected the healthy from the risk of contracting the condition.   This was a two-fold protection for society members.   These simple techniques provided a balanced safety net for the containment of the disease. Conclusion The publication speaks of prostitutes’ legitimate rights.   The first test of a right has to be measured for the good of society.   It will be hard to argue that prostitution in itself is a virtue.   AIDS did not necessarily come from the prostitute trade.   Society must recognize it is one higher potential source of contamination.

It is necessary to seek to help the prostitute (Emory University 2009).     In this context, prostitution as an entity cannot be a suitable agent for quality education.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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