The Role of Uncertainty of Outcome and Scoring in the Determination of Fan Satisfaction in the NFL – Article Example

The paper "The Role of Uncertainty of Outcome and Scoring in the Determination of Fan Satisfaction in the NFL" is a great example of a management article review. As evident in the journal, Paul, Wachsman & Weinbach aim at evaluating the factors that contribute to fan satisfaction with the NFL games (214). The authors embarked on an investigation of the fan rating after each game was played. Through the use of theoretical methods of research- that entailed the authors gathering information from the NFL official website- the authors were able to gather information on the opinions of the fans regarding the players, coaches and the game itself (215). The rating 0-100 was applied, 0 to represent a forgettable game, whilst 100 represented a memorable game (216).  From the regression results and summary statistics of fan ratings, it is valid to conclude that fan ratings are vital in establishing long-term relationships between sports leagues and their fans (220). This can also be evidenced by the fan attendance ratings in specific games, as portrayed in televisions and advertisements.  The journal is valid and reliable as it gives a clear understanding of fan behaviors as opposed to previously documented theories. Additionally, football leagues may find this information useful, as it will help them improve their overall performance so as to deal with the uncertainties of fan responses.  Conclusively, the work would have been more appealing and friendly if the authors clearly indicated the fan responses in the 0-100 memorable and forgettable ratings. This would have created a bigger picture on what percentage of the fans selected which side. Additionally, the authors would have included a section on how the performing leagues manage to attract fans to their games.