Knowledge Societies and the UAE – Article Example

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The paper “ Knowledge Societies and the UAE” is a well-turned example of an article on sociology. This article is about the role of ICT in youth empowerment. The author believes that with youth empowerment, the rate of unemployment will be reduced, the economy of a specific country that implements youth empowerment strategies will improve, and there will be global competitiveness and more entrepreneurship opportunities. According to the article, a culture of innovation can help achieve all the above and in order to achieve such a culture, those factors that can help achieve it have to be identified and made use of.

One such factor is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which the author believes has an important role to play in the education system as well as in business operations. The ability of Information and Communications Technology to create or build an innovation culture is however affected by factors such as internet censorship, access to and utilization of the ICT tools, and the inability of the educational systems to teach entrepreneurship and innovation skills. The idea of dealing with these factors that hinder ICT’ s capability in building an innovative culture is only focused on Arab countries especially the GCC countries and the UAE.

It is because, according to the author, of the inability of even the countries with high internet penetration, to make use of available ICT infrastructure. They show low use of the internet. The countries have highly developed ICT infrastructure but do not make use of them appropriately. How does this article pertain to the UAE? UAE is considered as one of the regions that need youth empowerment as well as the development of an innovative culture to improve its economy.

The article does not argue that the UAE has a poor economy but indicates that with an innovative culture, the economy can be improved. The problem, however, as identified in the first section of the article is the inability of ICT to create the innovative culture it has the potential to create.                

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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