Judge a Book by Its Cover – Article Example

The paper "Judge a Book by Its Cover" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences&medicine. Whisenhunt (n.d.) has raised a very important issue regarding professionalism, which is having the right kind of attitude. I believe that not only for the dentists, but it is significantly important for professionals of all kinds to have the right attitude. Right attitude includes softness of tongue, punctuality, kindness, being considerate and friendly with the clients. Being a team player is crucial for a hygienist. Dramas must be kept aside while dealing with clients. This is something that is not taught in the curriculum. This is either there in the personality by birth or is learned over the course of years. So, hiring a hygienist includes considering this crucial aspect. I think that having the right attitude is crucial for all fields and not just dentistry. 
Article 2
Morrissey (n.d) has discussed how the outer appearance signifies the professionalism of a hygienist. I truly agree with him. He has symbolized the appearance of a dentist with the cover of the book. He says that the grooming, attire and body language hold great importance as these are the basic aspects of the visual personality. The lesser the dentist will care about his grooming, the lesser the patients will feel comfortable with him. I believe that the outer appearance is the reflection of a person’s inner standards, morals, and values. Especially for a profession like dentistry, maintaining proper hygienic appearance is a must because patients will never feel comfortable with a hygienist who himself is not taking care of his own hygiene.