St Cloud Area Apartment Boom – Article Example

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The paper "St Cloud Area Apartment Boom" is a wonderful example of an article review on social science. The boom in apartment construction in St. Cloud is a natural reaction of people who experienced multitudes of house foreclosures where they tend to become conservative in choosing their new home.   In the news article entitled St. Cloud area apartment boom fueled by people leery of owning a house, foreclosures it reported that there is an increasing preference for apartments instead of the traditional big homes as the market are now becoming younger with a busy lifestyle.     As Karie Petrie argues that as “ young professionals keep busy lifestyles, what they want from their homes [also] changes” .

The article was more reportorial but it adopts a guarded optimism attitude.   It is because while the author was optimistic about this increasing demand, the author did not discount that the demand may “ flatten out” thus causing another crisis in the industry. I am in favor of the boom in the apartment construction because this could signal a revival in the housing industry which has been in a slump in these past few years.   An increasing demand in homes, albeit through rent, can stimulate demand in the construction industry.   Bad things may happen like a decline in demand but good things may also happen such as the uptick in demand and expansion of the industry.   Whatever the future holds, it still remains to be seen.

Renting apartments is a good start for those who are traumatized from the previous foreclosures.   Eventually, when they can afford already and have the confidence to buy new houses, it will be more likely that they will be able to afford them because they have learned the lesson from their past that buying houses beyond their income could mean trouble in the long run.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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