Public Schools Will Be Open for Worship by M. H. Saul – Article Example

The paper "Public Schools Will Be Open for Worship by M. H. Saul" is a wonderful example of an article on social science. Public schools in New York are soon to allow religious services in schools that have been disputed for almost two decades now. Nearly 30 churches held the services in the public schools for a little fee after the ban placed by the city on the public schools was found to be unconstitutional by a lower court on the year 2012. The churches have been facing eviction until the announcement made by the mayor, Mr. de Blasio. The mayor intends to update the rules to give public schools more freedom in rendering religious services. Religious institutions used to use the public school buildings for religious services during nonworking days. Allowing religious services on schools would identify schools with Christianity which is usually practiced on Sundays. In 1995, the city was sued by the Bronx Household of Faith for the policy, arguing for the protection of religious freedom that was supposedly violated by the prevailing policy. While the church generally holds services in the Public School 15 on the Bronx, it has constructed a new community space for worshipping in the vicinity. In 1998, the church lost the lawsuit but won space inside the school temporarily on the year 2002 when the city was stopped from enforcing the ban by a federal judge. The church wins in the District Court in 2012, but the decision was overruled by the Second Circuit. Despite the fact that the mayors' decision is against the school's Chancellors previous public statements, many people approve of the mayor's decision as it gives more freedom to the religious organizations in the city.