New York Case Against Intel Suffers Blows – Article Example

The paper "New York Case Against Intel Suffers Blows" is a great example of a business article review.
The article describes the proceedings of New York case against Intel that suffered from major setback when the federal court set up in Delaware passed some rulings in favour of Intel. The article briefly summarizes the issues raised in the case and talk about the major allegations put on Intel by the New York Attorney General in 2009. The case basically accused Intel of getting involved in several acts that abused its domination in the microprocessor chip and compelled the buyers to pay an extra amount of money for getting products from Intel. The NY Attorney General also claimed Intel’s act unfairly supported Intel’s position in front of its rival Advanced Micro Devices.
Intel, however, denied all of these allegations and provides justifications for all of its acts and proves in front of the court that the company was not intended to manipulate the customers or rivals. Intel also took the stance that the court could only ask for financial penalties and injections and not for the treble damages. This argument was accepted by the court and several claims against Intel were dismissed on the basis of this argument. The article also discusses the impact of this proceeding upon the other lawsuits and the marketplace where Intel operates. The article has been chosen for the review because it clearly describes the legal aspect of a business issue by describing the details of the case. The article provides a real-life example of the antitrust law and its implications for the business world.