Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective – Article Example

The paper "Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective" is a great example of a history article review.
Political science is one branch of the many social sciences, and in it constitutes international relations, comparative politics, and political philosophy. The branch of internal relations within political science is concerned with how different governments inter-relate with one another also how international organizations relate with governments and people. This paper will provide an analysis of human trafficking as international political science news.
Human trafficking has been on the news on many occasions due to its widespread operations. It has been reported that human trafficking is orchestrated by swiftly organized crime groups. According to the United Nations, almost all countries in the world have a hand in promoting human trafficking in some way, which is through acting as the source, transit point or the victim’s target destination (Shelley 179). Human trafficking has been embedded in the following three components; the act which entails recruiting and transferring victims, the means of acquiring the victim that is forceful, abduction or paying out the victim’s family or relative, and the purpose that is slavery, forced labor or sexual exploitation. The United Nations through UNODC has taken the mandate of helping countries around the world in handling human trafficking. This has been done through drafting laws against human trafficking and providing the resources required in implementing the laws. The fight against human trafficking took a different twist on the United States when Rob Mckenna, Washington’s Attorney General promised that if he will be elected governor in 2012 he would intensify the continued fight against human trafficking (Shelley 159).
Human trafficking as a crisis that has been noted by international organizations such as the United Nations, which in turn has endeavored in curbing the situation. Bringing the situation in control has proved to be a hard task since its operations by organized crime groups are in and out of border points. Human trafficking is an international problem which should be brought under control.