We Were Soldiers Once and Young – Article Example

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The paper "We Were Soldiers Once and Young " is a good example of an article on English. War stories are often heartbreaking and We Were Soldiers Once and Young is not an exception. The narration includes historical facts which make the story believable. It is a story that depicts courage not only for the soldiers’ bold involvement in the war but also for the author’ s conviction that his story needs to be told. It talks about the failures of leaders that undeniably can stir up dissension from the families, friends and political allies of the two presidents mentioned in the story.

This is a strong point in the story because it creates curiosity from readers to verify the information contained in the narration. Moreover, it brings people’ s attention to a forgotten sacrifice that resulted in the success American people are enjoying nowadays. The mention of nameless and faceless war heroes gives an even stronger characteristic of the story because it reflects the attitude of the author. Perhaps he is right that only the company of his fellow soldiers can talk about and understand what they have been through those days.

Likewise, it is only a soldier who has gone through similar hardships would have genuine feelings to remember the heroes. This reflects the naked and bitter truths of life. Men are placed on the front lines in times of danger, they are encouraged to be courageous when they are needed to be there but they are forgotten when peace has come. Sure, there were a handful of soldiers who have been promoted, given special treatments and awards after the war but the majority did not get the help of the government they have fought for.

Financial need may be just one of that help that the government may have extended but the story seems to emphasize the need for better jobs to at least compensate for their youth they have lost in the war.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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