Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate Change by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Article Example

The paper "Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate Change by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory" is a worthy example of an article on environmental studies. This article is a scientific article with its “Global natural gas boom alone won't slow climate change.” The article was authored by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analyzing the global energy use, the climate and economics involving the current expansion of natural gas which is inexpensive. I, therefore, find this article interesting because it informs about the recent impact of using inexpensive natural gas and the technological advances in the production of gas especially on the basis of hydraulic fracturing and the drilling horizontally. It is then clear that this article is related to energy as it involves the production of a natural gas. Natural gas helps in environmental conservation as it cuts down the rate of carbon dioxide emission and reduces depletion of other energy resources like coal. The article, therefore, explains that natural gas has played a very important role in reducing greenhouse effects caused by carbon dioxide emission. This is all because the general slow of climate change in the world will also depend on other climate policies regarding other sources of carbon energy. According to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2014), research shows that the recent technological advances in the production of gas based fracking have resulted in a bountiful natural gas at a very low cost. Thus since natural gas emits less carbon dioxide, it was then linked to the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gas experienced recently. Generally, the article highlights the need for use of energy resources that emit low content of carbon dioxide to enhance the slow rate of climate change globally as well as the overall conservation of the environment through the minimal use of nuclear sources of energy. In that case, plenty use of natural gas globally in stimulating economic growth as it is of low cost, reducing air pollution locally and upholds the energy security globally (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2014). Regarding this then I can say that this article is very informative and enlightens on the best ways in conserving energy and the environment as a whole.