Obamas Empty Evasion by Robert Samuelson – Article Example

The paper "Obama’s Empty Evasion by Robert Samuelson" is an excellent example of a politics article. The deficits which are looming large over the American economy have been the focus for a long time. The fiscal deficit in the year 2010 amounted to $1.3 trillion which made that Obama’s words that America won’t be “buried under a mountain of debt” very hollow. The cure to the deficits was thought to be done by taxing the rich and curbing the amount of wasteful spending. The main reason for this deficit has always been pronounced as the economic recession of 2008. However what was expected from the President was to make people aware of other more important issues. A poll conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation clearly showed that people in huge numbers were opposed to any sort of cuts in social security, Medicare, and in Medicaid. The spending of the U.S government for the elderly under the above schemes has added a huge cost to the government. It was expected from the President to make people aware of how investment in these areas was affecting the government’s budget. Further, it was expected from the President to make people aware of the fact eliminating programs which are considered to be ineffective will not solve the deficit problem. Moreover, a commonly held belief existed that the facilities given to the elderly is something that they had earned but it was seen that benefits given to them have exceeded their payroll taxes. Solutions to deficits involve a combination of reduction of benefits for the elders, reducing programs and by raising taxes. Here lies the failure of Obama because he avoided the choices and also failed to clarify them to the public.