All Your Devices Can Be Hacked by Avi Rubin – Article Example

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The paper 'All Your Devices Can Be Hacked by Avi Rubin' is a great example of an article review on technology. Hacking undoubtedly has a long, variably-honored history with the 1980s featuring the cracking into computer systems and the 1990s involving the operation of weird technologies to access phones and locked computer features. Since then, there have been drastic changes in hacking. This paper provides a summary of Avi Rubin’ s “ All devices can be hacked”   “ All devices can be hacked”   Avi Rubin attempts to she light on matters regarding network security and the manner in which the particular principles can actually be practically applied to various technologies including pacemakers and the P52 radio transmitters.

Rubin thus shows people the unnoticed security implications of the modern computerized, wireless devices and explains how hackers compromise smartphones, automobiles, and medical devices. He discusses the latest pacemakers having a wireless capability, and explains that since the pacemakers can be wirelessly controlled, reverse-engineering of their wireless communication protocol could enable changing of the device data, including cardiac data.   Rubin argues that the dreadful denial of service attack posses a significant threat in case measures regarding network security are ignored.   Rubin highlights how automobiles currently have expanded networking technology capable of being hacked and how the speedometer can actually be fooled to give wrong speed, how brakes can be applied, and disabled while outside a car, the malware installed, and car tracked using GPS.

Rubin also explains how reflection on sunglasses is used to capture the Smartphone passwords and the criteria of writing software for stabilizing phones, processing it, and detecting typing. He also addresses the issue of P25 radios used by law enforcers and indicates how jammers can be planted so that no communication goes through and how scanners with the same frequency acquire wiretap information.

Rubin concluded by talking about stolen keystrokes, indicating how that can be achieved using an iPhone placed next to keyboard thereby using the typing vibrations and accelerometer readings to determine text.   Conclusion Avi Rubin highlights a very important issue since people ought to be aware of how easy it is for their machines to be hacked, including pacemakers and automobiles. He similarly highlights how the hacking of such machines can affect individuals and organizations significantly.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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