After Decades in Institutions, a Bumpy Journey to a New Life by Rachel L. Swarns – Article Example

The paper "After Decades in Institutions, a Bumpy Journey to a New Life by Rachel L. Swarns" is an exceptional example of an educational article review.
In my mind, Rachel L. Swarns provides a great picture of both the positives and negatives of moving terminally ill patients from state hospitals back into society. While I understand the reason behind it, many older people have lived all their lives in specialized care homes, so they have no knowledge of the outside world. The people that should be moved out of state care could be younger people, say under the age of 30. Patients of this age are more likely to be able to integrate into society because they have more time to do so and have probably only been institutionalized for a few short years. This is not the same case with elder patients, such as Wally Burns, who is 51-years-old. Mr. Burns is at a stage in his life where he will not be able to reintegrate back into the community because he will not know how to handle it. One of the reasons for this is that life is very different from the 60s when Mr. Burns was a young boy. While I can understand why some states are implementing these measures, I feel that the process should be much slower so that time can be taken to help older patients find themselves in society. Patients like Wally Burns require a high level of care, a level of care that may not be met where Mr. Burns will end up.