Accounting 2 – Article Example

335114 Tell me what you think of this brief article and explain why you are responding the way that you did. This article was brief yet right ontarget. Instantaneously it caused one to become revitalized with life. Obviously the author has taken great pains in achieving his desired objective which I believe was to motivate individuals to accomplish their goals in spite of the naysayers. My response to this article is due to the fact that previous to reading this article I happened to be at a cross road on my journey mainly because of the ‘energy vampires’ that I had allowed to dominate my ‘bus’. Immediately I felt propelled to eliminate and shake off the negativity that was surrounding me and find hope and the ability to start anew.
2. Have you ever been involved with anyone who has an attitude like the energy vampire? What was the effect on you? Were you the energy vampire?
I have been involved with numerous energy vampires and as such I believe I have allowed them to sap every ounce of my energy to the point where I became a vampire of the worst kind. Retrospectively I think that my love-hate relationship with energy vampirism in myself began as early as my childhood days. As an energy vampire I have not only killed the dreams of those that matter the most to me but I have killed my own dreams as well.
3. How can this type of individual affect your personal and/or professional life? Can it have an effect on both types of environments? Please explain.
Personally an energy vampire can cause one to become so afraid of one’s own dreams that one becomes mediocre both in one’s personal and professional life. As one allows the vampire to gain access to even a minute area on one’s life it begins to infiltrate all areas. No area is sacred to the vampire.
4. If you are in a relationship, whether personal or professional, and are being drained by this type of person, what can you do to stop or avoid this individual?
The best way to stop or avoid a vampire is to believe in yourself to such an extent that no one can cause you to think or dream lower than one can. Surround yourself with not only positive individuals but also positive thoughts. Negative thoughts draws negativity to your person therefore one should consume oneself with positivity and faith in self.
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