Determination of Fan Satisfaction in NFL by Rodney, Wachsman, and Weinbach – Article Example

The paper "Determination of Fan Satisfaction in NFL by Rodney, Wachsman, and Weinbach" is an outstanding example of an article on sports and recreation. The paper under consideration is named “The Role of The Uncertainty of the Outcome and the Scoring in the Determination of Fan Satisfaction in NFL”. This Article was first published in the online Journal of Sports Economics on 15 August 2010. The authors who contributed towards the research in the article are Rodney J. Paul, Yoav Wachsman, and Andrew P. Weinbach. The purpose of the study is to determine the effect of the uncertainty of the outcome of the game on the fan ratings and the final scores of the individual themes. A hypothesis is performed by the authors to check the negative or positive effects of the victory margins on the game. The method that authors applied is a plain study method with a small number of the diagrams and charts. Another important thing the authors used to verify their study is the use of the determinants. The most important contribution of the author is the collection of the authentic data from for the fan ratings and the score of the team. They further discussed that how fan ratings and advertisements affect the ticket and merchandise sale. They concluded that the Margin of Victory has a negative and significant effect on the fan ratings whereas the combined score of the teams offers a positive impact. Also, high scoring games catch more fan rating as compared to low scoring games. The study was overall thorough and complete but it could be more effective if major parts of the collected data were presented in the paper for the reader’s review.