A Study On The Expressianal Style Of The Eroticism In Modern Clothing – Article Example

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HAS OUR YOUTH OUT- GROWN THEIR CLOTHES? The clothes give away the personality of the wearer. It acts as his/ her public relations agent. From the social point of view, clothing can be considered as being used calculatedly to arouse sexual consciousness and attraction between people. Thus creeps in the introduction of eroticism in modern clothing based on the principle that human body is primarily a sexual object. The change in fashion simply stresses the shift in the appeal of the various sensual zones of the body. This ushers in the latest trends in fashion, which is more evident in women’s fashion.

If one makes a study of the history of fashion it will become evident that in the remote past the clothes did not change much with gender. People usually wore loose gowns that left only the head, the for-arms, and the feet uncovered. There was also a time when it was consider fit for a lady to reveal only her face. But those are things of the past. Phyllis Rackin is seen quoted by Valerie Traub (2002, p.

140) In Shakespeare’s time… clothing was designed to produce embodied sexual difference. Men’s robes had been shortened to reveal their legs…. Women wore tight bodices that altered the shape their breasts and low- cut gowns to display them. Traub (2002, p. 141) further refers to the description of the fashionable ladies of France and Italy by Canon Pietro Casola. The latter is said to have observed as early as in 1494 that the Venetian women made such attempts at baring their chests publicly that he often was surprised to see that their clothes yet clung to their body. The psychology behind the dressing of the Venetian women could be found to a much greater extent in today’s youth.

The conscience of a teen is no longer weighed down by what they wear or how much they expose. The motto is ‘If you have the figure why not flaunt it? ’ They look upon it as advancement or breaking free. Hence figure- hugging clothes are preferred to loose and comfy ones. Also not that rarely the clothes are so designed as to enhance an hourglass figure.

This is where a corset comes in handy. According to Phryne (2001) at the time when corsets were highly in fashion, the garments in general were very revealing; not necessarily because they exhibited a lot of flesh but certainly because they suggested it. This called for an enhancement in subtle exposure. Now corsets are back in fashion. There has sprouted quite a few shops that deal in this highly useful feminine accessory. All these points to the fact that today’s world pays little heed to the demands of either the elements or the morals of the society.

In other words, the style in clothing has gone from the consciously polite, through the subtle revelations, to the blatantly erotic. Anyone who can claim to have been awake throughout the waking hours of his life will testify to the aforementioned argument. A single glance at the evolving teenage fashion will suffice as a case in point. As Debbie Vasen (2006) points out, the low- riding pants that bared the belly are being replaced by the mini- dresses that bare the legs instead.

This is a welcome change to all those girls with long, flowing, sexy legs. And for all those who have a slim build she suggests the tight jeans.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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