A New Choice for Detecting Cervical Cancer by Deborah Levenson – Article Example

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The paper "A New Choice for Detecting Cervical Cancer by Deborah Levenson" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences& medicine. “ A New Choice for Detecting Cervical Cancer, ” authored by Deborah Levenson, was published on November 1, 2014, by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. This article discusses new types of testing that can help women in order to prevent cervical cancer. While it is common for many women to find out she has cervical cancer is through a pap smear, there are now new technological and scientific advances that enable doctors to possibly detect cancer.

HPV (human papillomavirus) testing became available in 2003 and it is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer. Liquid cytology has also been used often in combination with HPV testing. Cytology is recommended for women ages 30-65. However, in April of 2014, a third option may be available for women as based on a study of women 21 years and older. This tested women who were high-risk for HPV and had certain genotypes which, when combined, increase cervical cancer in these individuals.

There is a specific algorithm to follow and it helps to determine the probability based on the genotypes. This impacts the general population by mostly targeting women. Women are increasingly becoming more prone to have cervical cancer and at a younger age. If undetected and a woman does not go to her pap test regularly, it can continue to flourish unknown to the patient. This is a less invasive method by using genotype testing and can help predict cancer before it becomes a concern. This was interesting to read because it is a scientific breakthrough that could predict a type of cancer-based on a woman’ s genetics.

Though it is not completely going to predict everyone’ s potential case, it can help women early on to be on the lookout for abnormal cancer cells in the cervix. This could help lower fatality rates.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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