A Family-run Hotel Wants To Connect To The Internet – Article Example

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Word Count: 2950AbstractThe compilation of this report involved a thorough research to gather all the relevant support to guide this discussion. A primary research from electronics shops was done to determine the cost of hardware and software to be used in setting of the hotel computer network and website. A secondary research was further done to gather more information that was used in compiling the literature review. The literature review discussed in depth about computer network and website in general. Then it focused on wireless network and how a commercial website operates.

The information of the literature review helped in recommending the best way forward for the hotel to set up its network and website. The recommendation done was on how to set up of a hotel website and LAN network for the hotel. The report also recommended installation of programs that will protect the access of the hotel network by hackers. The report also advocated for hiring of more staffs that are computer literate to help in the management of the hotel website and network system. Other staffs will be assisting the hotel visitors to use the computer in the lounge.

www. windowsnetworking. com/ - 38kIntroductionComputer network is a group of computers that are connected either through a wired or wireless media. The network allows all the computers in the network to communicate. These computers are configured with IP addresses to allow them communicate with each other. There are many benefits of computer networking: The following are the benefits of computer networking. Computer networking enables those computers in the network to share resources such as printers, files, games and other resources. This is very important because it helps an organizations to minimize its cost of operation for instances when they is sharing of a printer in an organization.

On the other side, computer network are faced with a major challenge of data security. There has been an increase of data insecurity in computer networks. Data insecurity involves access of a network by unauthorized users that implant virus in the network or change the content of the files in an organizations network. Therefore to curb this problem computer network are installed with various programs that helps to detect or prevent hackers accessing the networks. Computer network can be of many forms: Computer networks can be classified according to the media used for connection, in this case we can classify a computer network as either wired or wireless.

Computer network are also categories according to the geographical area covered by the computer network. Through this processes of grouping, computer network can be grouped as Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Wide Area network (WAN). Computer networks are still classified according to their topology.

In this case computer network are grouped as Star, Bus, Ring or mesh network. www. windowsnetworking. com/ - 38kComputer network are further categorized according to the communication protocols they use. For example computers network can use Internet Protocol (IP) or Open System Interconnection (IOS).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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