Abdominal Surgery, Pain, and Anxiety: Preoperative Nursing Intervention by Lin and Wang – Article Example

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The paper " Abdominal Surgery, Pain, and Anxiety: Preoperative Nursing Intervention by Lin and Wang " is a good example of an article on nursing.   1.1 Is the title appropriate? The title of the research article is appropriate. This is so because the paper tackles the pain and anxiety that is observed and experienced by patients prior to abdominal surgery. The paper also addresses how both pain and anxiety can be managed to lessen the anxiety of the patients both after the surgery and before it is performed (postoperative anxiety/pain and preoperative anxiety/pain) respectively (Burns, & Grove, 2009). 1.2 What was the question research was designed to answer? The research question was designed to answer the question of how preoperative nursing intervention assists in the reduction of pain on abdominal surgery that results because of anxiety before the operation is performed and also after the abdominal surgery (Davie & Logan, 2008). 2.0 Research method 2.1 What was the research design used in the study? As Lin & Wang, 2005, explains, the research design that was used is experimental design.

This is because the researchers used an experiment to collect the data from January 2001 to August 2001.

The method was not very appropriate because there was less external validity because this is not like in a real situation and also the design is not very practical. 2.2 Different treatments given to the control group and the experimental group. The treatment that was given to the control group was only routine care. On the other hand, the intervention group was provided with both preoperative nursing intervention and also routine care. 2.3 Independent Variable The independent variable was the preoperative nursing intervention.

According to Davie & Logan, 2008, is the presumed cause and preoperative nursing intervention was the cause that was presumed to reduce the anxiety and pain in the patients before and after abdominal surgery is performed. 2.4 Dependent Variable. The dependant variable was the abdominal surgery, pain, and anxiety. This is because Davie & Logan, 2008, explain that the dependant variable is the presumed effect and these were the effects that were measured and the researchers had no control over this.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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