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Executive summaryToday there is an increase in information volume; it is for this reason that there is a need for a creation of a libguide. A libguide will enable an organization to have easy access to information that they need for their day to day business operations. This report is on a libguide creation for Refugee Re-settlement Society which is an upcoming organization in Australia; it explores the background of the organization, research strategy used and a list of annotation bibliography IntroductionA refugee is anyone who is forced to leave their country because of either war, persecution or a disaster that is caused naturally.

By law, these people are supposed to be protected and are not supposed to be returned to their country when their life is at risk. In Australia we have people who have taken refuge. Refugee Resettlement society is an upcoming organization that is found in Australia. It deals with the resettlement of the refugees. Since they work in a highly charged environment; politically and socially form a human perspective, including international perspective they need access to up to date, verifiable as well as easily accessible information.

The organization needs access to a collection of resources that will allow them to have easy access to information such as government policies regarding refugees, their rights and needs, settlement figures local and internationally. To accomplish this, there is a need for a development of a libguide. A libguide in this case study will be used by Refugee Resettlement society, to access their subject guides in relation to the refugees. To develop a libguide, the sources of information include articles, blogs, government websites, and international organization websites such as UNHCR and European unions.

In this study, the resources are mainly available in a form of electronic and they are social. That is they are on the challenges that the refugees face during their resettlement. Search PlanToday, our current life activities such as learning, and personal reasons, information are critical. Information search involves looking for information regarding a particular issue. A starting point in looking for information all depends on the type of information that is required. Before creating a research strategy, it is important to have a search plan in place.

A research plan consists of the following1. Think of a topic as a statement2. Identify the 3-4 key words in the research topic3. Think of their synonyms and try to search using different search tools. 4. Make a list of alternative key words5. Try to mix the key words so that one can formulate researchSearch strategyDeveloping a search strategy comes after one has a basic idea of the topic that one needs to find information about. Coming up with a search strategy involves preparation of a search strategy so that one can get the most relevant information on the topic.

Search strategies have some advantages such as they help in saving time while researching. They help on to retrieve the most relevant information, and it can be stored for future use.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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