The Impact of Cyberbullying on Adolescent Health – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "The Impact of Cyberbullying on Adolescent Health" is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on medical science. Litwiller, B. J., & Brausch, A. M. (2013). Cyberbullying and physical bullying in adolescent suicide: the role of violent behavior and substance use. Journal of youth and adolescence, 42(5), 675-684. In the article, Litwiller, and Brausch, (2013) denoted that there is a link between all forms of bullying to substance abuse, violent behaviors, and unsafe sex behaviors. To ascertain the objectives, a study of 4693 subjects from public high school students were used, and the findings showed a positive correlation between cyberbullying and violent behaviors such as the use of drugs and unsafe sexual practices.

The article is a crucial piece as it delves on issues of cyberbullying. Furthermore, I believe that it connects the risky behaviors such as unsafe sexual behaviors, and drug use to cyberbullying. In this sense, the mediating factors act to steer the process of bullying. The article is useful in the chosen study because it answers the objectives as it clarifies the risk factors that motivate cyberbullying.

Also, it delves on some mediating factors, which may foster bullying in schools, and this makes the article very useful for the chosen research study. “ Current perspectives: the impact of cyberbullying on adolescent health” Adolescent health, medicine, and therapeutics vol. 5 143-58. 1 Aug. 2014, doi: 10.2147/AHMT. S36456 The article is a meta-analysis of various material sources delving on the effects of bullying on the victims, majorly in high schools. The study found out that bullying is a threat to student’ s health and well-being. On the whole, the victims of bullying often have a positive correlation to negative indices of health.

The article is a good selection as it offers health concerns associated with cyberbullying. Some of the quoted problems include depression, and anxiety, which emerge as effects of bullying in schools. I believe the article is a good fit for the subject owing to impacts that result from the act. Also, it is a meta-analysis study, which means it offers different reviews based on cyberbullying. Based on various sources analyzed in the study, all points out to negative health concerns.

Therefore, the source contributes to the study objectives by offering health concerns linked to cyberbullying. Cowie, H. (2013). Cyberbullying and its impact on young people's emotional health and well-being. The Psychiatrist, 37(5), 167-170.  In the article, Cowie (2013) offers all forms of cyberbullying and their impacts on the emotional and physical well-being of victims. Other types of solutions hinted as a solution to the problem in the study includes adult aid, technological solutions, and peers’ involvement. Besides, the article denotes various ways through which cyberbullying occurs. The article is delving on the impacts of cyberbullying and provides a solution that can be used to stop bullying in schools.

Therefore, I believe that the material offers a good directive toward the solution of cyberbullying. The study is connected to my research objectives in that it provides information about cyberbullying and answers questions related queries on bullying. Also, it offers a significant solution that can be used to solve cyberbullying in schools. Betts, L. R., Spenser, K. A., & Gardner, S. E. (2017). Adolescents’ involvement in cyberbullying and perceptions of school: The importance of perceived peer acceptance for female adolescents.

Sex Roles, 77(7-8), 471-481.  In the study, Betts, Spenser, and Gardner (2017) found out that cyberbullying is directly correlated to negative perceptions about learning and peer acceptance. In particular, women are tipped to have an enormous effect when it comes to learning perception. The study involved 125 males and 160 females aged from 11 years to 15, and the result indicated that all victims and bullies reported adverse impact as far as bullying in school is concerned. Also, the article denoted that cyberbullying occurs in various ways including social media.

I believe that the article is a good source of cyberbullying research as it provides information based on its impacts and student’ s perceptions of both victims and bullies. Furthermore, it delves on mechanisms of influence and adjustments necessary in school. On the whole, the source is a match for the selected topic since it provides information on cyberbullying such as things that can be done to curb it, perceptions of both bullies and victims. Moreover, it offers concrete information based on the impact that cyberbullying may have on women.

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