The Changing Nature of the Family: House Husbands – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "The Changing Nature of the Family: House Husbands" is a worthy example of an annotated bibliography on sociology. Deutsch, F. M; Lussier, J.B; Servis, L. J. (1993). Husbands at Home. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 65 (6), p.1154-1166 [Peer Reviewed Journal]. In this article Deutsch et al. discuss the benefits of husband involvement in childcare. These authors make use of a longitudinal type of research in which they lean on secondary information from researches done by other people to try and identify what various people in the family gain when the husband is involved in childcare.

The focus of their research is on dual-earner families in which both the wife and husband are working and the husband was not previously involved in child care. This article is useful to my research since Deutsch et al outline the way in which the nature of the family is changing as husbands take on the role of childcare. The limitation of this study is that some of the sources used do not provide all the relevant and necessary information on the topic under study and their interpretation is hard given the methodologies used.

The researchers show that further research should be done on the topic using a longitudinal perspective to separate causal relations between variables (Deutsch, Lussier, Servis, (1993). This article gives basic information for my research and is therefore very crucial. Mizumo, E.; Iwasaki, M.; Sakai I. (2011). Subjective Experiences of Husbands of Spouses With Schizophrenia: An Analysis of the Husbands’ Descriptions of Their Experiences. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, Vol. 25 (5), pp. 366-375 [Peer Reviewed Journal] In this article Mizuno et al.

review the experiences of those husbands whose spouses have schizophrenia. The authors obtained research data by allowing husbands in Japan to describe their experiences in interview settings. The focus of their research is the relationship that exists between the husband and his schizophrenic wife in the home setting and the roles taken by the husbands as a result of the wife’ s condition as described by the husbands. The article is very useful to my research since the authors give a new dimension of the house husband phenomena and how schizophrenia changes the family nature (Mizumo, Iwasaki, Sakai (2011). The main limitation of the study is that the survey sample is small (12 husbands) yet the population of Japan is so large.

The research shows that most of the husbands can cope with the new roles in the family even if they struggle to do so at first. This article forms the basis of my research since it has resourceful information on the role of the husband in the home when the wife is unavailable or is struck by schizophrenia. Starrels, M. (1994).

Husbands’ involvement in female gender-typed household chores. Sex Roles, Vol. 31 (7), pp. 473-491 [Peer Reviewed Journal]. In this article, Starrells examines the involvement of the husband in the household chores traditionally associated with the female gender.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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