Globalization and Education for Sustainable Development – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Globalization and Education for Sustainable Development” is a meaningful variant of an annotated bibliography on education. According to the document, the authors focus on some of the effects of neoliberalism in contemporary society. The document noted various negative effects of the situation especially in the public system through individual capitalization. This is dangerous to the society, therefore, the problem of neo-liberalism should be eradicated in order to have a better society that promotes better education that promotes democracy within the society. Hajkowicz, Moody, 2010, Our Future World, viewed 14 September 2012, http: //www. csiro. au/ErrorPages/404.aspx? item=%2fportals%2fpublications%2fresearch-reports%2four-future-world-report& user=extranet%5cAnonymous& site=CSIROau This document provides some of the findings on the effect of globalization on the people.

In order to come up with the finding during their research, they used megatrends that gave them information on the mining of various world resources due to their demand. They also use mega shocks, which helped them to generate information on how these activities result in globalization. US National Intelligence Council, 2008, Global Trends 2025, Viewed 14 September 2012, http: //www. acus. org/publication/global-trends-2025-transformed-world From the investigation by the US National Intelligence Council, there exist various features that may affect the global landscape in the future, for instance, the landscape may be affected through scrabbling of power.

Therefore, these superpowers may take advantage of their status to acquire some of the materials that may lead to an increase in globalization. Therefore, countries like China that greatly contribute to globalization should come with proper measures of eradicating the problem. Heynes, 2002, HOW TO READ EDUCATION POLICY, Beijing: Social Science Press. According to the document, in order for people to have a good education, some of the techniques in education need to be applied. Therefore, teachers who are the key path to education should be given the required educational materials and tools that will help them in providing better education to people.

Moreover, the document suggests that learners should involve in the technical aspect of their education rather than the theoretical aspect. Rudd, Kevin, Smith Stephen, 2007, ‘ Education Revelation’ , Australian Labor Party, pp. 27The statement ‘ Education is the platform on which our future economic prosperity will rest’ means that through the knowledge we receive from education, we are able to use them in developing our countries. For instance, education will help us to generate new ideas that we can use in developing various sectors like the industrial sector, which in turn, results in developments in such areas. Bengtsson, Stefan, L, Ostman, Leif, O, 2011, ‘ Globalization and education for sustainable Development: emancipation from context and meaning, Environmental Educational Research, 15.

DOI: 10.1080/13504622.709822.According to Saul through the article, middle-class democracy is one of the important aspects of modern days. Therefore, the younger generation should come up with proper strategies that would allow them to do away with politics that does not support democracy within the organization.

Consequently, the younger generation should involve in politics that support development majorly in democracy. Reid, Alan, McCallum, Faye, Dobbins, Rosie, 1998, ‘ Teachers as Political Actors’ , Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 26, 3, pp247-259.In the document, the authors said that in modern days, education is control by politics. This is achieved through teachers who operate within the political surrounding. Therefore, according to the writers, it is important for the teachers to be politically literate in order for them to be able to provide the current form of education.

This would be good for them for the teachers to provide education that is politically motivated, which in turn results in the motivation of the younger generation into active politics.      



Mallihai, Tambyah, 2012, ‘Teachers’ knowledge for social education: perspectives from the middle years of schooling’, Queensland University of Technology, 32, 1, pp. 34-33

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