Social Development for the Abu Dhabi in 2021 – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Social Development for the Abu Dhabi in 2021”   is a persuading variant of an annotated bibliography on social science. The list starts with the work of Paleologos, E. K., Caratelli, P., & El Amrousi, M. (2016) "Waste-to-energy: An opportunity for a new industrial typology in Abu Dhabi.   Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews". Summary: The correlation among waste generation, urbanization, and GDP of UAE places it among the main five nations on the planet with a solid relationship in the creation of metropolitan waste. Evaluation: This article is a peer-reviewed article and talks about water scarcity in the UAE and its aquifers proximity question the cases of landfilling is appropriateness for the country.

The articles are a credible source as the issues its addressing are connected to development and at the same time correlates with the well being of the society. In addition, the article falls in the category of review published articles with a design of bringing together current advancement and continued expansion of renewable and sustainable energy. My note: This article tries to rise and argument on the innovation of mechanical expanding on the setting of cutting edge city needs.

The article writer contends that the methodology given ought not to be on a case to case, but rather in a trendy framework where burning offices create essential parts of the urban scene. Abu Dhabi city through its iconic buildings and development approach in the context of urban design and plan is used as a model city in this article. Ahmed, A. Z. E. (2015). The role of diversification strategies in the economic development for oil-depended countries: -The case of UAE.   International Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED),   3(1). Summary: As a result of diversification policies that are adopted by the economies that depend on oil results into an important role in development. Evaluation: The article is a peer-reviewed one where that alone makes it a credible source.

The author's focus is based on the policies that economies of countries that depend on oil have taken towards their development. Another thing is that the article uses UAE as a case study. My note: The article confirms that UAE is an oil dependency economy and its plan to diversify its national income sources to reduce its oil dependency.

The article explores the expansion strategies that EAU has adopted and their adequacy as far as managing economic development is concerned. The author examines the contribution that the diversified sectors on the basis of GDP through the statistical analysis process. The article confirms that investment from diverse sectors apart from oil for instance development of a modern city like Abu Dhabi substantially expands the performance UAE economy Okanagan, G. D. (2015). The Effect of Cultural and Creative Industries on Economic Development of the Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Turkey and UAE.   Comparative Political and Economic Perspectives on the MENA Region, 320. Summary: The key theme of the article is on identifying the design management programs in the United Arab Emirates and attaining the existing local and global practices. Evaluation: This source is a chapter of a book that has already been published.

The credibility of this source in this case following the fact that the author's major focus is on the development of UAE in terms of education which is a form of social development.

In addition, the book analysis the Middle East countries in terms of economic and cultural issues and give an important insight into the existing state of the region and its future position.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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