Sexual Health & Family Planning – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Sexual Health & Family Planning”   is an intriguing example of an annotated bibliography on gender & sexual studies. Sexuality is an individual’ s relationship with his/her body’ s ability for sexual activities and sexual feelings. Sexuality is also about an individual’ s feelings about sex, sexual desires, habits, and sexual identity as well. In most cases, sexuality is about how an individual contends with his/her own sexual desires or feelings regarding sex. For example, if an individual seems to be extremely erotic, such a person may be said to be comfortable with his/her sexuality.

In contrast, if an individual seems not comfortable with his/her ability to attract other people in a sexual manner, such an individual can be deemed to have repressed sexuality. Sexuality also refers to an individual’ s sexual habits and hence a person studying the sexual habits of a group of individuals can refer that as sexuality. For instance, research can be conducted on the sexuality of university students. Everybody has distinct sexuality. Some individuals can be attracted to one sex while others have an attraction to multiple people irrespective of their gender and this is why there are women who have sexual desires towards their fellow women and men who have sexual desires towards their fellow men.

However, sexuality should not be confused with sexual orientation because sexuality does not simply mean being “ gay” or “ straight” but refers to the feelings, desires, and habits as well. This is why some homosexual or bisexual individuals claim that since they were young they “ felt different’ and were attracted to friends of the same sex and only associated these feelings with being homosexuals or bisexuals later in life.

Generally, a lot of people do not find out their sexual attractions until later on in life and this can be very confusing at times. However, this should not be a big issue because when people are young it the appropriate time to figure out what works for a person in terms of sexuality and strong feels and exploring are regularly part of that. With time, people get to find out whether they are having sexual attraction towards women, men, both genders or none and this is when one discovers his/her sexuality. Sometimes people may fail to like one’ s sexuality.

Some individuals within society may have difficulties in accepting individuals who have different sexuality from them and hence it is important for everybody to recognize that people are all different from each other and hence people should respect and be positive regarding individuals’ sexuality or sexual relationships and support those individuals’ rights to explore their sexuality safely, consensually and responsibly as well. Similarly, people should understand that everybody has the right to decide regarding their sexuality according to how they feel and their sexual desires.

In addition, it is important for people to take care of their sexual feelings and desires in order to avoid engaging in negative sexual behaviors. For instance, if someone finds it difficult to control his or her sexual habits such as having excessive sexual feelings toward many people, it would be important for such a person to seek help to control his/her sexuality to be able to control the sexual feelings and desires because such a sexual habit can make someone to end up engaging in irresponsible sex, which can have many negative consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases and feeling of loneliness when one’ s sexual desires are not met.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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