The Amazing Fate of a Movie Star Marleen Matlin – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ The Amazing Fate of a Movie Star Marleen Matlin" is a breathtaking example of an annotated bibliography on biographies. There have been many literary works done on the exceptional skills of the Academy Award-winning American actress Marleen Matlin who has given the world an example of excellence despite being deaf. A few readings are listed below with annotated bibliography for the easy understanding of the readers. 1. Encyclopedia of World Biography. (2004). Marlee Matlin. Retrieved from  www. encyclopedia. com This article on the great actress Marleen Matlin gives a brief but comprehensive outline of her professional life.

The notes on her life from the infant stage make an inspiring reading effect as the literature is constructed in chronological order of her professional growth. The article contains enough material for the reader to arrive at the conclusion that physical impairment is no constraint to personal excellence. With the way the writers highlight the glory of the actress and the struggles she faced with determination to achieve the pinnacle of success in the American movie industry, one can easily get through elimination tactics against self-imposed barriers.

The actress hails all credit for her being the most outstanding one by winning the Oscar at an age as young as 21 years despite her deafness. The article has done justice to the fame of the actress by judiciously using the space to highlight a wonderful Matlin as both as a successful actress and as a potential entrepreneur.   2. Mogk, M. V. (Ed. ). (2013). Different Bodies: Essays on Disability in Film and Television. US: McFarland. Different bodies: Essays on Disability in Film and Television edited by Mogk has been generous with her plentiful appraisal for the performance of Marleen Matin as a Television star.

A reader can investigate the brilliance and nobility of the deaf actress as she performs the dances and disposes of her rhythmic thematic requirements. The Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) reality show is widely known as a stage set for big celebrities for their stardom delights, but the episodes mentioned under the title ‘ Choreographing Disability’ (Diehl) goes a long way with an emotional touch into the actress life. The real picture of bloom and gloom of celebrities and the way stalwarts like an Academy Award winner is consumed for reality shows are described clearly in the literature.

Although the text about Matlin is not elaborate in size, the way she has been presented in the reading is naturally wonderful. The beauty of editorial work wraps around the actress in an animated way for an interactive reading effect. 3. Matlin, M. (2009). I'll Scream Later. London: Simon and Schuster. Marlee Matlin, with this autobiography, makes a magnificent entry into the world of literature.

The book tells in detail about the different dimensions of Matlin’ s life as both an individual and an actress. The actress imposes the saying ‘ nothing is impossible for a winning heart’ on her life and do wonders without caring for her defects. The poignant effect applied in the narration the life of the author herself is the best evidence for how Matlin analyzed her condition and accommodated the philanthropic passion for the mission to monitor the issue of hearing impairment among children. This book is a mirror of her actual life as a young woman, so there are contents that may flip some eyebrows up.

There seemingly explicit literature to convey the spirit of reality. However, it is absolutely wonderful reading for a rational mind. Matlin grows from silence to applause and from depression to celebration all in an unbelievably young age. 4. Marlee Matlin Official Website. About Marlee. Retrieved from http: //www. marleematlin. net/about/ The compilers of the official website of the great actress Marlee Matlin have made a remarkable contribution to design the look and literature in a very impressive way.

The site is just not a proclamation of the glories of the celebrity, but an imposing acknowledgment of the enviable talent of a personality. It is unbelievable to the common world that a debutant bagging an Oscar Award, that too, with aural demerits. But with Matlin’ s achievement, it is implied that nothing is impossible. The website is a wonderful gift Marlee fans, and also for students in media academics as there could not be a better inspiring figure than Matlin for many generations to come.

With a very long list of movies to her credit, Matlin entered television industry and she rocked the viewers with her dancing talent besides already proven acting excellence. This official website is a proud publication of the fullness she hails from the profession. The evergreen persona continues to keep enticing the American hearts even today. 5. National Association of the Deaf. (2009). Marlee Matlin FCC Field Hearing Testimony. Retrieved from http: //nad. org/issues/civil-rights/communications-act/21st-century-act/marlee-matlin-fcc-field-hearing-testimony This site is a formal representation of the admissions of Marlee Matlin about the facts she witnessed in her real life.

A humble Matlin bows to the audience and steals their heart with her simple yet beautiful presentation of her affiliation to the deaf community and the affinity for the students in particular. This is a complete almanac of events and developments in the process of making a celebrity out of a person deprived of hearing. The references about Helen Keller and the disappointment the actress felt about not being able to reach out to the deaf world are the indicators used for presenting the actor as a philanthropist.

The speech contains a great volume of inspiring examples of how life should be handled. The declaration of the speaker as an outward personality and a remarkably brilliant initiator despite deafness is the reflection of the superhuman self-confidence. The way the speech is dedicated to the deaf community is simply marvelous.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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