Health Care In Prision – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "Health Care In Prison" is a good example of an annotated bibliography on health sciences and medicine. Martin, Ruth (January 23, 2007). Involving inmates in improving health a prison breakthrough.   Medical Post, Vol. 43,  Iss. 3,  p.  25  (1  pp. )  In her effort to improve the health of inmates, the author, Dr. Ruth Martin started a project at the Alouette Correction Centre for Women in British Columbia that seeks to empower women inmates by building their skills as well as their self-esteem. The approach used by Dr. Martin is to treat each patient as a member of her research team and let everyone who is involved in the project learn from their experience.

The article talks about sharing of experiences of the 150 women have participated in the project. These women shared their experiences living inside prison and suffering from chronic ailments and infections, addictions and emotional and mental illnesses. Aside from talking about the experiences of the women as patients, the article also talks about the valuable skills learned by the women through their participation in the project. McKim, Kathleen (April 2003). ACA updates jail healthcare standards.   Corrections Today.   Vol.

65,  Iss. 2,  p.  22  (1  pp. )The author, Kathleen McKim talks about the many challenges faced by healthcare professionals who are working with inmates and how the socioeconomic environment of jails all over the United States lacks adequate, age-appropriate health care. To help solve the healthcare problems of inmates and at the same time give healthcare professionals who are working in jails guidance as to how to respond to certain situations, the author talked about how the ACA worked at developing new health care standards that are responsive to the current trends and practices of prisons.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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