Origins of America's Civil War – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Origins of America's Civil War" is an outstanding example of an annotated bibliography on history. 1994. "The flags of the Confederacy: an illustrated history" by Cannon, Devereaux D. is a useful book because it supplements the rest of the sources with an illustrated version of the flags of the Confederacy between 1861 and 1865, as well as discussing the flags comprehensively. Cobb, James C. 2005. Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity. USA: Oxford University Press, 2005This is a comprehensive book that covers the history of the Southern states in detail from the first people that settled here to the modern-day.

It illustrates some of the deeper meanings and feelings behind the Georgia state flag, as well as the attitudes of the people that live in Georgia. Coski, John M. 2005.The Confederate battle flag: Americas most embattled emblem. USA: Harvard University Press. The confederate flag is considered by some to be a relic of the war, but it is still in use in some places today. There is a debate between those who think it represents white supremacy and those who think it represents a rich Southern history, and this book illustrates the debate between the two views. Earle, Jonathan.

2011. The Political Origins of the Civil War. Magazine of History, Vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 8-13. This article is about the political reasons behind the American Civil War. This is useful because exploring the topic from the political origins means that there is less focus on the social, which is often represented heavily in analysis of the causes. Ellingwood, Ken. 2003. “ Georgia leaders reach accord on the state flag. ” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. April 5, 2003.

This brief news article is useful in illustrating the conflict between what some people consider the racist origins of the Georgia flag and the deep history of its origins. The news article represents the hope that there will be a compromise between the two opposing sides. Finkelman, Paul. 2011. Slavery, the Constitution, and the Origins of the Civil War. OAH Magazine of History, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p14-18. This article is interesting because it covers the links between slavery and the civil war. Many of the debates surrounding the Georgia flag accuse it of glorifying a racist heritage, so this illustrates how slavery is important in American history. Gentleman, Jeffrey.

2002. “ The 2002 elections: Georgia; An old Battle flag helps bring down a Governor. ” The New York Times. November 7, 2002. This news article covers how the Georgia flag and the symbolism behind it are still relevant in political conflicts today. This article concerns the links between the battle flag associated with Georgia and a modern Governor. Hamilton, Mathew K. 2011. "To Preserve African Slavery": The Secession Commissioners to Texas, 1861.

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. 114, no. 4, pp. 354. This historical paper explores how slavery was seen by the people in the Southern states in 1861. Historical papers are useful in highlighting the issues in the era in which they came about, and this shows how some people might associate the Georgia flag with slavery and the connotations it has. Harrison, Eric, and Stanley, Edith. 1992. “ Georgia Governor Wants to Lower Confederate Flag” Los Angeles Times, May 29, 1992. This article is 20 years old, but it does illustrate some of the more modern ideas about the Georgia flag, and why one Governor wanted to stop using the flag forever. Hart, Ariel.

2004. “ The 2004 Campaign: Flag Dispute; Georgians Vote to Keep New Flag. ” New York Times. March 03, 2004. This news article illustrates the feelings of the modern Georgians towards their state flag, showing that there is a general consensus that the flag represents Confederate history rather than glorifying slavery. Katcher, Philip. 1992. Flags of the American Civil War: Confederate. USA: Osprey Publishing. This book shows the history of the flags of the American Civil War and the stories behind them.

The section on the Georgian flag illustrates some of the reasons why it is controversial in the modern-day. Manning, Chandra. 2012. All for the Union… and Emancipation, too What the Civil War was about. Dissent, Vol. 59, Issue 1, pp. 91-95. This journal article gives a strong history of the civil war, highlighting many new points that are occasionally marginalized in other reviews of the causes and resolutions of the war. Pruitt, Kathey. 2001. “ Georgia Governor unbowed by Concerns over banner backlash. ” Ocala Star-Banner.

January 28, 2001. This is another article that highlights how the Georgia flag is still affecting people today, and how there are many different views about the meanings behind the flag. Reingold, Beth, and Wike, Richard S. 1998. Confederate Symbols, Southern Identity, and Racial Attitudes: The Case of the Georgia State Flag. Social Science Quarterly, Vol. 79 Issue 3, p568-580. This journal article illustrates the various Confederate symbols and how they are intertwined with both Southern identity and the racial attitudes of the state. This is useful for explaining in more depth what the Georgia flag means to different people. Springer, Chris.

1993. The troubling resurgence of the confederate flag. History Today, Vol. 43, Issue 6, p7. This article illustrates how the resurgence of the confederate flag is causing problems in the various states that utilize it, and how the different views of people come from different views of the meanings behind the flag.

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