What Ethics Means to Me as an Individual and the Help it Offers Me – Annotated Bibliography Example

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  The paper "What Ethics Means to Me as an Individual and the Help it Offers Me" is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on social science. Everyone has a perception of what persona ethics mean, but to me, it all means being honest and doing the right things in everything a do. I use this ethical concern in making decisions and choices in every aspect of my life. Personal ethics to me means, what I have chosen to be and not letting others affect the way I handle my issue as well as how I behave.

Ethics is what we are composed of and how we react to situations that come before us. As students, it is very significant to have personal ethics as this assists me to uphold honesty, academic integrity, as well as able to follow the school rules set before us as students. At the workplace or at home personal ethics comes into play when dealing with others. Thousands of people don’ t realize that they use personal ethics to make choices or decisions that directly affect them of their beloved ones.

Ethics has helped me think before saying something as well depicts the impacts of my words to others. There are other people who don’ t handle things or issue as I do, this is because their personal ethics are different. It has been hard for me to understand why different individuals have different personal ethics yet we are all human beings living under the same constitution and laws. I can conceptualize the reason why others do not think the way I do, but it is difficult to understand why others are mean or dishonest yet they think nothing about it.

As an individual, I have tried to be an honest and caring person so as I can upkeep my personal ethics. Apart from taking care of others and being responsible for my deeds, I also handle personal items for our clients. I handle cell phones, jewelry, and petty cash for them. With better integration of personal ethics, I cannot even think of taking something that does not belong to me. This has made one of the best employees in the workplace- I was awarded the last financial year of being the most honest employee in the organization.

I know there are other co-workers who have been stealing client’ s possessions and I hate what has been happening. Of course, they are no longer working in organizations. I wonder that people have poor personal ethics to the extent that they can do something to people under their care. I will adhere to my personal ethics to make a better person. As an individual, I conclude that personal ethics are a blend of social behaviors that govern the right and wrong decisions made.

I find it hard to explain this in white and black clarity since the contemporary world has several definitions of what ethics entails. Ethics held by an individual begins and is natured when one is young. School, peers, family influence, and the social surrounding shapes personal ethics. Ethical decisions have different effects on the environment, for example, a decision could be good for the community, but on their hand not good enough from a business perspective (such as a decline in profits).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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