Gender, Work and Organization – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Gender, Work and Organization" is an excellent example of annotated bibliography on social science. For example, the article "The Diversity Ideology in the Business World: A New Oppression for a New Age" by David G. Emerick depicts diversity as the act of embracing differences within the society, be it sexual characteristics, maturity, traditions or belief. It mostly focuses on how America claim’ s to be a self-governing, meritocratic, and varied society yet they always find a way of getting away with inequity in its corporate world. The issue of white male dominance is still remarkably fresh as a white male always given the best positions, as opposed to the black males.

Women too were treated unfairly as they are taken as homemakers thus given lower ranks in jobs. This article only concentrates on America marginalizing other countries. Doing, Undoing, or Redoing Gender? : Learning from the Workplace Experiences of Transpeople by Catherine ConnellThis article outlines the way of and impact of doing transgender and its repercussion for the experience of and transformation of gender imbalance at work. Transgender involves one denying his/her sexual assignment through surgical operations or by actions.

This initiative often leads to discrimination in the workplace from fellow workers. This article omits general gender discrimination as it concentrates only on gender change. Experience of Sexual Harassment at Work by Female employees in a Nigerian Work Environment by Noah YusufThis article talks about gender disparity in Nigeria; how women are underprivileged and face sexual abuse within their working environment especially from males in the higher ranks. These women fail to unmask their plight due to panic of disgrace and lack of knowledge of legal rights.

It states that these female species should be enlightened to diminish the rate of the happening of this harassment. The writer only limits himself to Nigeria leaving other parts of the world. Individualization, Gender and Cultural Work By Mark Banks And Katie MilestoneAccording to this article, individualization gives women the freedom to get the desired lifestyle. It helps them to be more inspired, inventive and elastic in career preference, individualization empowers women. Cultural environment emphasizes on detraditionalization, which expects them to bring their time-honored roles in the workplace.

The article only limits itself to media-related jobs. Racial Discrimination, Interpretation, and Legitimation at Work by Ryan Light, Vincent J. Roscigno, and Alexandra KalevThis article talks about racial indifference in relation to the workplace. The discriminated personnel are treated indifferently by the use of organizational policies and the application of unfair penalties. The article also depicts the use of power divide the human race along racial appearance as those in the topmost position exercises it on the marginalized races. However, the article does not talk of other forms of favoritism as it concentrates only on racial separation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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